News: Freightliner Leading the Charge

We have all been aware of this day coming. The emerging growth of electric cars in the past few years has lead us to believe that heavy trucks would not be far behind. 

Yesterday, Freightliner showed us just how close that is with the introduction of the eCascadia & the eM2 106! They represent the next level of advanced electric power backed by the experience and expertise of Freightliner aiming to develop world-class electric trucks that will immensely reduce emissions and improve customers' RCO. 




Based on North America's bestselling class-8 on highway platform. Designed for local regional distribution. 

Peak HP: 730

Mile Range: 250

Usable Capacity: 550 kWh

Recharge: 80% in 90 min.

eM2 106

Based on North America's most in demand medium duty truck designs. Ideal for local distribution, pickup and delivery. 

Peak HP: 480

Mile Range: 230

Usable Capacity: 325 kWh

Recharge: 80% in 60 min.

eM2 106.jpg

While production of the trucks is expected to begin in 2021, real-world testing will begin later this year with select customers. Freightliner teased the trucks at the launch event yesterday. 

Freightliner also announced that Daimler is already delivering and testing vehicles like the Fuso eCanter, the Mercedes-Benz eActros, and the Thomas Built Buses C2 Saf-T-Liner Jouley School Bus which is poised to change an industry standard here in North America. 


The future is close, fully electric trucks are on the way. Would you see yourself driving an electric truck? What are your concerns about electric vehicles? Let us know what you think in the comments below,